Colossal Forms Gay Lord Studios

Steve Javors
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — As part of an overall ramp up in production, Colossal Entertainment has formed Gay Lord Studios as a way to extend the company’s reach into the gay marketplace. The new studio will function as a separate label under the Colossal corporation.

This move comes less than a year after Colossal began producing gay titles. Including movies under the Gay Lord banner, the studio will now be releasing 12 titles per month. All distribution will be handled by Colossal.

“We’re going to release four gay titles a month with all new packaging," Michael Glaser, Colossal Entertainment vice president of sales, told XBIZ. “Additionally, Gay Lord Studios will feature all new hardcore content, some of which will be shot in Brazil and Hungary.”

With Colossal’s desire to release more titles per month, Glaser explained, creating Gay Lord Studios was a way to build a different brandable image, apart from Colossal.

Explaining the internal rebranding of the company’s lines, Glaser said, “We basically got to a point in production where distributors couldn’t take all our titles. So it just made sense to create a new label so there would be no confusion.”

The studio has hired new directors to lead Gay Lord.

“It’s more of the high-quality gay productions that Colossal is making its name in,” Glaser added. “We’ve had amazing success with our other gay titles and we’re looking forward to getting our titles out to more new fans who’ll see that Colossal’s titles are among the best they can find.”