CommerceGate, HomeGrownVideo Launch Cam Site, Announce Plans

Bob Johnson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. —  CommerceGate and HomeGrownVideo have announced the launch of

CommerceGate will process the majority of payments for the webcam site as part of the companies’ expanded relationship.

“We tested several payment processing solutions, and CommerceGate was the processor we liked the best. With high throughput, strong security, excellent service and ease of use, CommerceGate was the logical choice to take us to the next level," Spike Goldberg of HomeGrownVideo said.

CommerceGate CEO Bjorn Skarlen added, “This is great news for CommerceGate. HomeGrownVideo is a fantastic company with cutting edge products and more to come as well. We are proud to provide the payment processing and banking connections for such a high quality company. We look forward to a great business relationship.

"In addition to HomeGrownLive, HomeGrownVideo has developed a white label solution to provide easy, 1-click up-sells for partners using the CommerceGate/DHD Media US IPSP service."

On the tail of this new partnership, HomeGrown has also launched with CommerceGate payment processing in primary position.

HomeGrown noted that as a result of having formed several new and productive partnerships with major players in the adult market, it is actively seeking new business relationships.

The company said it also has advanced plans for two more websites to be announced shortly.

“We are continuing our successful expansion of our online offerings and bringing several new and exciting websites to the market. With CommerceGate as our processing partner, we have the right tools to continue to grow our revenue both in North America and internationally,“ Goldberg said.

For more information on CommerceGate payment processing or to set up on the HomeGrownVideo white label platform contact Ananda Sisk at Commercegate DHD Media at (916) 342-4386 or email

For HomeGrownVideo business opportunities contact Goldberg at