Gunpoint Robbery Prompts LELO to Consider GPS Tracking Devices

Ariana Rodriguez

STOCKHOLM — Swedish designer brand LELO announced it is currently considering whether to add GPS tracking devices to select items of its luxury pleasure portfolio as a way to deter theft following a recent robbery at the Erotika Luxo sex toy boutique in Brasília, Brazil.

According to the company, during the incident a shop clerk was tied up at gunpoint while a thief made off with the store’s LELO YVA personal massager, one of the company’s LUXE line of 24 carat gold massagers.

LELO says it is considering the possibility of adding a small tracker within the motorized LUXE massagers that will locate the current position of display models in the event of theft.

LELO LUXE is a range of personal massagers made to order in the customer’s choice of 24 carat gold or stainless steel and can retail at up to $13,500, while the YVA taken in last week’s robbery carries a retail price of $2,180. The company said it offers LUXE items to retail stores in order to draw attention to the luxury qualities of the brand and add a further piece of interest to shop floors.

LELO Brazil Sales Manager Eliane Said says, “Adding a GPS tracker to a sex toy may sound like a strange idea, but in light of the recent incident in Brasília we hope that this will make people think twice before putting anyone in possible danger for one of our products. As one of the first models of massager ever to be produced by LELO, YVA has a special place in our hearts, especially considering our upcoming 10-year anniversary.”

The recent robbery at the Erotika Luxo sex toy boutique in Brasilia coincides with LELO’s launch of the SenseMotion Insignia 2 Design Edition Personal Massagers, and the company has pledged full support to its retail network in light of recent events and welcomes contact on how to improve security still further.