Sunset Thomas Back at Bunnyranch

LAS VEGAS — Sunset Thomas is making a grand return to the Bunnyranch Cathouse on June 21.

“My new male sex enhancement product ( has got so many guys horny, I figured it only natural that I would find a place to facilitate all those no longer flaccid flag-poles!” Thomas said.
"Seriously though, over the past couple of years so many of my fans have wanted to either have another go at it or have their first experience with me or whatever and so I decided to go back to where it all began — The Bunnyranch."

She added, “I’ve worked at a few other brothels and enjoyed each and every experience, but to be honest, Dennis loves to market and he’s good at it and to get the best bang for the buck, the Bunnyranch is the place to be!”

To contact Thomas, email