Sophie Dee Horror Movie Debut Gets July Release Date

Nelson Ayala

LOS ANGELES — Worldwide Media has set a July 24 DVD release date for Psykik Junky Pictures' indie-horror anthology "Theater of the Deranged."

The collection features five short films, including Creep Creepersin's "Cannibal Blood Girl," starring porn star Sophie Dee.

"Cannibal Blood Girl" marks Dee's first foray into the horror genre. The 28-year-old Welsh starlet plays the titular man-eater in the London set slasher described by producers as "Carrie-esque." A trailer for the anthology can be seen here

"It was very fun to work on this film, I don't normally play a killer," Dee said. "I hope to do more work in the horror genre.”

"Cannibal Blood Girl" costars Shawn C. Phillips, JD Fairman, Cory Jacob and Penthouse Pet and all-girl adult star Veronica Ricci.