Veronica Ricci to Embark on Dance Tour

LOS ANGELES — Veronica Ricci, the 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-Up, and rising horror movie queen, will hit the road this week on her longest feature dance tour to date.

Starting out in Columbus, Ohio, Ricci will perform onstage Thursday through Saturday at Columbus Gold. From there it’s off to Fargo, N.D., where she’ll headline the Northern June 14-16 before performing at the Crazy Horse in San Francisco on June 21-23.

“As much as I enjoy staying in touch with all my fans on Twitter, nothing beats meeting them face to face on tour; it’s the best feeling in the world, and it’s why I go on the road,” Ricci said.

When she’s not wowing audiences across the country, the fiery redhead is quickly becoming a sought-after actress in the B-movie and horror genres. She recently landed the cover of Girls and Corpses magazine, and starred in films such as “Snake Club” (where she got to kill Ron Jeremy] and “Bloody Mary 3D."

The 5-foot-7, 32D green-eyed babe has also started work on her own series of unique content as well, not only designed to showcase her own assets, but also to include her friends. The content will be released in several different formats with each containing exclusive materials. They will only be available from her personal appearances and on her web sites and

“I’ve been getting more and more comfortable on camera, experimenting at home and pushing myself sexually. While I’ve only done girl/girl up to this point, never say never to anything,” Ricci said.

The starlet also notes that she also produces and directs another line of exclusive video clips for several pay-per-view sites and adds that there’s “something for everyone."

For more on Veronica Ricci, visit her websites listed above as well as and follow her on Twitter @VeronicaRicci.