XBIZ Retail Retreat Redefines B2B Experience, Garners Rave Reviews

Ariana Rodriguez

SUNNY ISLES, Fla. — A distinguished group of adult retail market leaders gathered this week for the first-ever XBIZ Retreat, an exclusive affair that took place in a luxurious, tropical setting with a format that spoke volumes on the future of trade events and XBIZ’s pivotal role in shaping their success.

“The XBIZ Retreat was exceptionally productive and well executed,” said Donna Faro, LELO director of sales and marketing. “The business conducted with our customers will bring LELO many desired results in the upcoming months. Our messages on the new LELO SmartWands and upcoming debut of LELO SenseMotion ll were extremely well received and met with such positive feedback. We are very thankful to XBIZ for providing the arena for these important launches and exceeding all expectations for the maiden voyage of this meeting and of course we thank our customers for taking the time to participate.”

Deluxe Distributors’ Ed Braunstein adds, “Attending the first XBIZ Retreat, we wondered exactly what type of experience it would be. It turned out to be a very intimate, informing and enjoyable couple of days! We were able to learn, socialize and express our thoughts. Relationships were either created or enhanced. Good job and kudos to the XBIZ crew.”

Good Vibrations Purchasing Manager Coyote Days said, “The XBIZ Retreat was a fantastic show. I met with companies whose booths I'd never stopped by before and then had time to get to know them and their companies better during social times. I'd highly recommend this to any manufacturer — it's a great way to connect with buyers!”

Blending key elements of existing XBIZ-brand events with new concepts, XBIZ Retreat featured coordinated private meetings and group events, which broke the ice from day one of the event. With plenty of opportunity to conduct business, XBIZ Retreat also showered its attendees with individual attention and hospitality from start to finish.

Moose, vice president of Girlfriends Films calls the retreat a huge success stating, "XBIZ delivered a first-rate buyers show. It was well-organized and attended by all the right people. This is a must-attend event for the ‘who's who’ in every genre of the pleasure industry."

“The XBIZ Retreat was an amazing event,” Fairvilla Megastore buyer Ashley Mathewes said. “It was a great way to maintain relationships and establish new contacts with each company that participated. I’m already looking forward to next year!”

XGEN Products Vice President Andy Green added, “The XBIZ Retreat was a great way to spend quality time with customers in a beautiful environment. The staff at XBIZ treated both buyers and vendors to world-class accommodations. To top it off, we were able to write new business and show products that will be rolling out later this year.”

With an intimate group of power players, XBIZ Retreat offered unique opportunities for open discussions with advice and insight shared between industry vets and innovative newcomers. By the show’s conclusion, the camaraderie among attendees was palpable.

“It was a pleasure to attend an intimate show like this,” said Melissa Brewer, buyer for Castle Megastore. “I thoroughly enjoyed participating on behalf of Castle Megastore and look forward to the next one.”

“XBIZ did a great job organizing the Retreat and creating new, fun vendor and customer relations,” Elegant Angel’s Tracy Leone said. “I’m really satisfied with the outcome and I look forward to being part of this event in the future.”

“The XBIZ Retreat was an excellent event,” said Colin, director of studio relations at DVD Empire. “The XBIZ staff did a good job of creating a relaxed working environment that was very conducive to meeting new people and expanding our business opportunities.”

Exhibiting vendors at XBIZ Retreat offered product demos and talked business from the comfort of their luxurious suites located within an ocean-front high-rise that offered breath-taking views and high-end amenities.

“I would like to congratulate and thank XBIZ for putting together a great event,” Adam & Eve’s Ryan Thomas said. “It was a great mix of buyers and manufacturers and I look forward to attending the next one!”

Hamed Allen of Planet Earth USA says, "The XBIZ Retreat was the best venue for Planet Earth USA to launch our innovative product line into to the U.S. market. We were able to meet each buyer in the privacy of our meeting room and spend ample discussing details of each product and introduce them to Planet Earth USA with no interruption or distractions. The format allowed us to not only build value in our products and company but also quality relationships on a more intimate and valued level with each buyer and other vendors. The show was a great success and the staff and management did a phenomenal job with coordination and organization of this event to say the least. I highly recommend this show to all qualified vendors and buyers. We know Planet Earth USA will surely be back next year!"

“Cooperative innovation is the key to our future in this industry, and the XBIZ Retreat was the perfect platform for game-changing business through group discussion and one-on-one meetings,” Aneros CEO CT Schenk said. “ I look forward to watching this format evolve, however, it's up to the rest of us to support a change.”

For more information, contact theretreat@xbiz.com.