Last Lixxx Dicky Straws Assortment Now Available

NEW YORK — Last Lixxx offers a range Dicky Straws available in different colors and sizes.

“Last Lixxx Dicky Straws come in all different sizes to satisfy every woman’s desire, whether they want to make a bold, hysterical statement as the life of the party with a larger than life drink accessory or want to be a discrete party guest,” the company said. “Last Lixxx Dicky Straws are perfect for bachelorette parties on-the-go, making excellent conversation starters at the bar or restaurant. Bachelorettes celebrating with a house party can incorporate Dicky Straws as part of the table settings and they make excellent party favors for guests!”

For retailers, the Last Lixxx Dicky Straws and complementary items in the collection can be arranged beautifully to create an eye-catching in-store display that’s just in time for bachelorette season.

“Beyond the bachelorette season, Last Lixxx Dicky Straws and other items in the collection are perfect for any adult celebration such as college graduations, job promotions, birthday parties and a girls’ night out on any day of the year,” the company says. “Bachelorettes don’t only come out to play when they’re about to tie the knot! Ladies, incorporate edgy table settings into your bachelorette pad and get ready for a party that never ends.”

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