Buck Angel's 'Sexing The Transman' to Screen at Film Festival

LOS ANGELES — Buck Angel’s new film, "Sexing the Transman," has been chosen to screen at the frameline36 San Francisco International LGBT film festival.

Angel said he has created an educational documentary that includes explicit adult scenes. "Sexing the Transman" is described as an in-depth inquiry into FTM sexualities and features intimate and honest conversations with transmen and about how their bodies, sexualities, and identities are affected by the medical and social processes of transitioning.

The film highlights how transition can open up a greater sense of freedom and willingness to explore new types of pleasure and desire. It includes interviews with Margaret Cho, who discusses her identity as a queer bottom attracted to masculinity; and FTM comedian Ian Harvie, who reflects on body dysphoria, and how his relationship with his body and his sexuality changed post-transition.

Graphic excerpts from Angel’s films are interwoven with the dialogue and scenes of the transmen playing and proudly exhibiting their wares.

“I am so excited to show this level of diversity in transmen and their sexualities for the first time on film,” Angel said.

Angel has also produced an adult version, which won a 2012 Feminist Porn Award and has garnered multiple award nominations.

For more information on both films click here.