Carey Runs For Governor

Steve Javors
NORWALK, Calif. — Adult film star and Legend Video contract girl Mary Carey announced yesterday that she would again be running for governor of California. The blond starlet kicked off her campaign with a press conference at the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder.

Proving that she can garner mainstream exposure, many media outlets covered Carey’s announcement including Fox News, KCAL9 and ABC News. Carey appeared on “The Alan Colmes Show” on Fox Radio last night. Carey also stars in “Pervert!” a sex comedy produced by Infinite Films and Stag Films, and inspired by the works of sexploitation auteurs Russ Meyer and John Waters.

“It was a great press conference,” Carey said. “I already turned in six signatures that I got at the courthouse so I’m on my way. I’m excited ... I need a little more than 165,000 signatures to be on the ballot. If I don't get that I’ll still campaign as a write-in candidate.”

Carey first ran for governor in 2003 during a recall election, a stunt that was masterminded by Mark Kulkis, the owner of Kick Ass Pictures. Carey was under contract with the studio at the time. She finished an impressive tenth in a field of 135 candidates with more than 11,000 votes.

“I started out thinking, ‘This would be funny, why don't I run?’ But then I discovered I really wanted to do it,” Carey said in 2003. “I want to show that you can do porn, and it doesn't mean you are stupid. It’s good to show women that they can do these things, that running for governor isn't just for high-class, older men.”

This time around, Carey is running as an Independent, not a Republican, and is no longer under Kulkis’ political tutelage. The Cleveland native is now under contract to Legend Video. Her first movie for Legend, “Mary Carey on the Rise,” came out last month.

In the past two years Carey has dined with President George W. Bush and his top adviser, Karl Rove. She has appeared on MSNBC’s “Countdown With Keith Olbermann,” IFC’s “The Henry Rollins Show” and Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Carey has outlined 14 positions as part of her political platform. They are:

  • · Lower deficit
  • · Bring NFL teams to Los Angeles
  • · Increase plastic surgery taxes to lower gas prices
  • · Make flex-fuel vehicles mandatory in 4-5 years
  • · Legalize gay marriage
  • · More money for teachers
  • · Help firemen and policemen
  • · Flood control in Sacramento/Northern California
  • · Help overcrowded and mismanaged prisons
  • · Make strip clubs fully-nude with alcohol
  • · Make service industry (bars, clubs, etc) open till 5 a.m.
  • · Support adult industry because it generates billions for the California economy
  • · “Porn for Pistols” campaign
  • · Unemployed serve jury duty
  • “The people are tired of having Schwarzenegger in office,” Carey said. “It’s been too long. They want to know what happens next after ‘T3: Rise of the Machines.’ I mean, is John Conner gonna have to fight Skynet alone in T4? Or, will Arnold return to help him as the outdated, but stoically charming T-850?”

    Carey takes her campaign to the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco next Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. Her campaign slogan is, “Finally a politician you want to get screwed by.”