Entrenue’s Lisa Mazurek Discusses ‘Fifty Shades’ Impact in ABC News Segment

Ariana Rodriguez

PHOENIX — Entrenue Brand & Marketing Director Lisa Mazurek appears in a news segment on Arizona’s ABC 15 News discussing the impact that “Fifty Shades of Grey” is having in the adult retail marketplace, primarily in the bondage and soft-bondage arena.

With a Fascinations store as a backdrop in the clip, Mazurek offers a tour of stylish bondage retail displays centered around “Fifty Shades of Grey” with Sportsheets’ Sex&Mischief collection as the defining brand.

“We are thrilled that the Sex&Mischief packaging and the books complement each other so well,” Sportsheets Vice President Julie Stewart told XBIZ. “The buzz around the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has only helped an already established Sex&Mischief product line. With the addition of the trilogy, S&M products are flying off the shelves.”

According to Mazurek, the phenomenon can’t be the book itself — erotic literature has long been available. “It makes me wonder what it was about the timing. I assume a lot of it has to do with the power of social media,” she said.

“The publishing world says that erotic fiction is up 40 percent due to the ability to download books,” Mazurek continued. “I think we will see a boost in erotic fiction paperbacks, and we are already seeing more products from the fetish sections moving like crazy. I think lines like Sportsheets’ Sex&Mischief are perfect for this demographic. So many of our customers have taken the initiative to create massive displays around this book and the types of items that are mentioned in it — it has been extremely profitable for retailers.”

Mazurek says that although the “Fifty Shades” phenomenon centers on BDSM, its impact can boost sales across the board for retailers.

“I think it’s fantastic when anything comes along that reminds us to reconnect romantically with our partners, and make our love lives more of a priority,” she said. “I think this book may help some people venture into a sexual well-being store for the first time, which could be the beginning of wonderful adventure for them. Store owners are more than ready for that!

“I also think the wide spread media around this book has become a kind of “permission slip” for some people to try something new and daring (how wonderful).”

To view the ABC 15 News clip, click here.