Blue Line C&B Now in Stock, Shipping

Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — The Blue Line collection of C&B Gear for men is now in stock and ready to ship to retailers.

The Blue Line collection of C&B Gear for Men from Electric Eel features kinky accessories that include cock rings, ball stretchers and more. The erotic menswear line represents the most popular fetish styles in detailed packaging that will appeal to experienced players and fetish newbies alike.

The C&B Gear range officially launched at this year’s International Lingerie Show at Las Vegas, where the company says the line received rave reviews from interested buyers worldwide looking to capitalize on the growing fetish trend.

The collection of steel and leather cock rings for men features 19 styles, including simple silicone rings to leather and steel bondage-inspired styles.

“What’s unique about this range of erotic jewelry for men is the comfort and pleasure they bring men,” the company said. “Styles such as the silicone rings are comfortable enough to wear all day or all night, underneath jeans, business suits or leather.”

The new collection of cock rings is the latest from Blue Line for men. C&B also features products for cock and ball play, as well as prostate massagers.

The Blue Line Prostate Gear duo of Male P-Spot Massagers are available in 5” ribbed classic designs in black and white colors.

The C&B Gear collection is now available for order. For sales email Zach Goode at