PHS ‘Gaysentials’ Collection Helps Retailers Gear Up for U.S. Pride

PHOENIX  PHS International and its Gaysentials Collection have teamed to help the adult retail market gear up for parades, parties and LGBT-inspired events during Pride Season.

Pride weekend is a citywide celebration from coast to coast and Gaysentials has an assortment of decorations, adornments and accessories needed to make it memorable.

Pride season officially takes off May 19 in Long Beach, Calif., followed by Los Angeles’ and Boston’s pride festivals starting June 8.

San Francisco, New York and Seattle will ring in the LGBT new year June 24, and PHS urges adult and pride retailers across the country to stock up on the stickers, flags and other rainbow-colored merchandise.

“This Pride season is going to be bigger and brighter than ever, especially following President Obama’s recent public endorsement of gay marriage equality and cities everywhere are going to be packed with Pride partiers,” said Chuck Harnish, PHS International vice president.

“What better way for local retailers to show their support than by providing the beads, flags, stickers and decorations that help make every Pride celebration bright.”

The company said Gaysentials Mardi Gras beads, stickers, silicone wristbands, magnets and apparel are especially popular during Pride season, and the brand’s Party Pack and Parade Kit offer shoppers all the decorations and adornments needed for the celebration.

“Adult retailers have embraced the Gaysentials line and other gay/pride merchandise nationwide, and the products have proven to be a huge success but not just in the gay market sector,” Harnish said. “Stocking Pride products like Gaysentials shows your community that your store is gay-friendly and forward-thinking, and there is a significant demand for retail outlets that support and value LGBT business.”

PHS is available to work one-on-one with any retailers looking for advice, assistance and ideas for decorating their stores, window displays and showrooms to help build excitement while shoppers browse the Pride selection.

Before Gaysentials, pride merchandise – including wall and car adornments, apparel, jewelry and other accessories emblazoned with LGBT symbolism – was sold loose without packaging or bar codes. But PHS has created a fully merchandised line of pride gear with uniform packaging and marketing materials to significantly boost sales numbers, the company said.

The newest Gaysentials items include key chains, necklaces, flags, socks and stuffed animals, including an accompanying full floor and wall display unit.

PHS International has been selling pride merchandise for almost 20 years. PHS International is an intimate accessory manufacturer that offers retailers fully branded lines of product designed for distinct customer demographics: the M2M line of male-focused clamps, cuffs and accessories; the Gaysentials collection of pride apparel and accessories; the H2H couples-friendly set of beginner bondage and other playful sexcessories.

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