Lexington Steele Debuts Mainstream Radio Show

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Adult veteran and Mercenary Pictures owner Lexington Steele announced the premiere of his mainstream online and live talk radio show, "Size Matters."

The show debuts May 24 from 4-5 p.m. PDT on LATalkRadio.com's Channel 2.

Steele’s co-host is mainstream comedian Thomas Ward (also known for his non-sex portrayal of Bill Cosby's Cliff Huxtable in "Not the Cosbys XXX" vol.'s 1 and 2).

The show's format will feature live interviews with mainstream and adult celebrities as well as a call-in segment to discuss trending topics of the day.

Steele — who is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild since 2008, former associate producer and host of Playboy TV's "Lex in the City," and host of an online program at KSEX with its former programming director Wankus — is no stranger to being on both sides of a talkshow. He said his vision for the new show is to foster deep and meaningful discussions that reveals more than the title suggests.

"I was featured on James Bartholet's 'Inside the Industry,' and his show made me aware of LATalkRadio.com and the potential it has to reach my fans and those interested in a show that would tackle a variety of topics intelligently," Steele said.

He added, "It gave me the motivation to revisit a project I penned in 2010 for radio programming called 'The Modern Man Show.' The current rendition became the 'Size Matters’ show.”

The online format of the show allows "Size Matters" to discuss mature subject matter that would be difficult to broach on traditional broadcast radio, Steele noted. The shows will also be downloadable and available as podcasts.

"The conversations we start on 'Size Matters' will often begin as topics suggested by fans, friends and followers on my Facebook page and Twitter," Steele said. "But they'll continue after the show on those same social media outlets as well."

Sponsorship opportunities and commercial time for the program are available. For rate information email sixemattersradio@gmail.com. Steele said adult media associations and content providers will receive the highest priority.

Entertainers interested in appearing on the program can contact sizemattersradio@gmail.com.