NS Novelties Debuts Renegade Line for Men

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — NS Novelties has released its first ever all-male product line, Renegade.

The Renegade line features multi-sized plugs and vibrating massagers made of silicone, as well as vibrating cock rings. The Renegade Vibrating Pleasure Rocker delivers a four-speed vibration that stimulates both the prostate and underside of the testicles simultaneously.

Sam Godfrey, the general manager of Planet Earth says, “The range of the Renegade line is very different from anything out there at the moment. There are a lot of plugs and prostate massagers currently coming into the U.K., but nothing compares to the quality of Renegade -something our product testers have made very clear.”

The Renegade collection was presented at recent novelty trade shows EroFame, AEE and Adultex.

“We’re all incredibly proud of the Renegade product line,” said Lavi Yedid, managing director of NS Novelties. “Discriminating consumers don’t just value safe, high quality novelty products with expert construction, they also value intense sexual pleasure. The Renegade line provides them with both. What more could a customer ask for?”