Adult Store Offering Free Mother's Day Gift Bags

Bob Johnson

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Drive-thru adult store Pleasures is celebrating Mother's Day on May 13 by giving away special gift bags filled with condoms, lubricant and toy cleaner.

Store owner Sherri Williams said she will distribute an unlimited supply of free condom gift bags to locals from 12-6 p.m. in an effort to shine a light on the importance of adult retailers being involved in their communities.

“When people are equipped with the right tools, motherhood is a choice,” Williams said. “If only one unwanted, unplanned child birth was prevented by this free Mother’s Day gift, then Pleasures has done its job for the community.”

Pleasures is an upscale erotic boutique with locations in Huntsville and Decatur Alabama and have been the focal point for community involvement for nearly two decades.

The stores have been noted for their local campaigns such as the “Toys for Tots and Ta-Ta’s” toy drive during the Christmas holiday, and annual “Guns for Toys” event that helps victims of gun violence.

“Cities and states spend so much time and money trying to close adult stores when they could simply require that such stores provide these valued services,” said Williams who battled for nine years to overturn Alabama’s ban on the sale of adult toys.

Founded in 1993, Pleasures has spent most of its life span in the limelight, particularly because of its unique drive-thru service that offers free condoms and Internet order pickups.