Monarchy Launches Social Media Department

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Monarchy Distribution, Inc. has announced the launch of an in-house social media department, tapping former Facebook programmer John Hughes to run it.

Hughes, a 2002 graduate of UC Berkeley, spent the last four years working as a lead programmer for Facebook.

"I was honored when John accepted our offer to run this new department," said Monarchy CEO Mike Kulich. "Monarchy is an extremely fast growing company and our goal with social media is to connect our products with all aspects of commerce. We want to target the distributors, the stores, and the consumers and get product exposure on every level and John is just the man to do that." 

Hughes, who started with the company two weeks ago, has already gotten his feet wet in exposing the stable of studios under Monarchy's management to people all over the United States and internationally.

"In the space of a week, we have received over 3,000 new 'likes' on Facebook." Kulich noted. "It is incredible. We are putting together promotions for fans, stores, and distributors as well which we are very excited about. These promotions wouldn't be possible without John's innovative marketing techniques and our rapidly increasing social media growth."