TheIntimacyBook Offers Costumes for Men, Women

LOS ANGELES — is now offering costumes for women and men.

The companny said the costumes are designed to enhance roleplaying and make sex fun and intriguing.

"Perfect for a Cuckoldress is a sexy Lion Tamers outfit that includes capri pants, a sexy top, circus top hat and naughty whip," the company said. "Yes, you can tame a man into being your cuckold pussycat."

There are a variety of costumes to choose from including: sexy schoolgirl outfits, French maid themed outfits, arresting lady police officer costumes, football cheerleader costumes (similar to the classic Dallas Cowboy cheerleader costumes), naughty nurse costumes and Buccaneer Babe.

Most of the costumes and costume accessories at TheIntimacyBook are $25 or under.

There are also Christmas and Halloween-themed costumes including the Saucy Sorceress, Hocus Pocus, Voluptuous Vampire and Glow in the Dark costumes plus vintage costumes such as '20s Flapper Girl, '60's flower girl groupie and '50s pin-up girl costume.

The company said the costumes can be used for parties as well.