Komar Company Now Offering Lux Fetish

Ariana Rodriguez

BALTIMORE — Adult distributor Komar Company has announced its first round of distribution of the Lux Fetish line from Electric Lingerie.

“We feel this initial 40 item offering will serve as a nice introduction for our retailers who are new to the line,” the company said.

The Lux Fetish line features products ranging in experience level from beginner to intermediate and is presented in packaging that utilizes great photography and design, while at the same time clearly conveying how the item is used, making it accessible to all comfort levels and types of retail environments, the company said.

“What’s even better is that inside the great packaging is a great product to match,” said Dave Grauel, Komar Company’s creative director. “All the samples supplied to our staff have easily passed our quality tests and hold their own with the rest of the marketplace. Even more encouraging is that while still in its pre-release status, the line created quite a buzz among the lucky few customers who have gotten their hands on advance samples.

“When a manufacturer does everything right and supplies the market place with a quality product, in well thought out and executed packaging, that can be offered across a wide variety of retail venues, at a great price, they are bound to be successful.”

For sales and more information, call Mark Foreman at (800) 486-6247, or email mark@komarcompany.com.