Emerges as Adult Pinterest Clone

Bob Johnson

DRUMS, Pa. — has finally emerged from its long sleep of inactivity, touting itself as the “virtual pin board for porn.”

Although labeled as being in beta stage, the site is fully functional and mimics mainstream, allowing users to post, keep and share their favorite adult photos and video.

The new website said it wants to bring together like-minded porn lovers from all over the globe who share the same interests.'s "about" description says,“ allows you to gather, organize and share all the free porn you find on the web. People create pinboards to bookmark all their favorite porn videos and pictures. With just one click, you can pin porn from anywhere on the web and add it to one of your pinboards.

“You also get to browse pinboards created by other users.  Pinboard surfing is a great way to discover new pictures, videos, porn sites and pornstars from people who share your taste.”

Although it’s not the first sex site to ape Pinterest — recently emerged along with (redirected from the former and looking suspiciously similar to the new — the resurrected domain offers just about every category porn can offer.

Tech reports around the Internet were buzzing about the new platform, mostly because of the URL’s history that sparked one of the Internet’s biggest legal battles that earlier this year still had former owner Gary Kremen seeking $65 million in an unpaid judgment from the cousin of Stephen Michael Cohen, the man who in 1998 fraudulently converted the valuable domain. ultimately sold for $13 million in 2011 making it into the Guiness Book of World Records as the most expensive domain name ever.