Reporo Launches Contextual Key Word Targeting

John Sanford

LONDON — The mobile ad network has announced the launch of contextual targeting to match advertisers' ads to relevant sites on its network using specific keywords.

The Reporo system analyzes the content of its ad network and determines the central theme of certain publishers' web pages, which then matches the theme to the user's ad using Reporo's keyword selection.

Reporo said that 42 keywords are available to select to increase the placement of users' banners and text ads across relevant pages on the Reporo network. Reporo said the new feature will boost CTR and increase conversions by selecting keywords relative to users' banners and landing pages.

The feature will not reduce the volume of traffic coming through, as the client's campaign will still be "Run on Network," Reporo said. One will just get a higher CTR and therefore considerably increase qualified clicks, the company said.

Reporp said to add keywords to your banner, log in to your account, select a campaign, banner and tick the relevant keywords.