Screaming O Club Show Takes the Stage at Chicago Sexcon

Ariana Rodriguez

CHICAGO — The Screaming O hosted its interactive stage show that includes the Screaming Orgasm Contest at Chicago Sexcon 2012.

The Screaming O Stage Show was hosted by emcee Tony Batman and starlet co-host Angelina Armani.

“The stage was flooded with Chicago girls who could barely contain their excitement and O-faces,” Batman said. “Thanks to Lovers Playground for their support and enthusiasm — yet another ground-breaking Screaming O Club Show under our belts!”

The Screaming O Stage Show has become infamous for the salacious Screaming Orgasm contest, inviting models and even regular gals to come on stage and let the world hear their very best screaming orgasms, the company says. The interactive audience-participation show has been presented at adult venues around the world including Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Denver, Toronto, Las Vegas and Melbourne, Australia.

“The Screaming O Club Show is a fan favorite and must-see event — from college campuses to VIP clubs and even worldwide expo centers, this show attracts crowds for miles and is not to be missed,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said.

The Screaming O Stage Show makes the rounds at bars, night clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, college events and spring break showcases, and was featured on the Oxygen Network reality TV show “The Bad Girls Club.”

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