Mania Media Partners With

Bob Johnson

PHOENIX — owner Mania Media, announced today its European expansion by partnering with UKNakedMen to manage, and the associated affiliate program.

Mania Media will be maintaining all of UKNakedMen’s web properties and promoting a separate branding for their affiliate program.

"We launched UK Naked Men in 2005 with the intention of providing high quality and unique video entertainment. We had humble beginnings and big ambitions and over seven years we have honed our skills and built a successful brand thats strength has always been it's content; from the hundreds of stunning models, beautifully shot scenes and great locations," said co-owner James.

He added, “Our brother site Butch Dixon was born of our personal admiration for hairy, muscular and mature men. Our success has been organic, which is probably just as well, because our weakness has always been self-promotion.

“We constantly strive to improve in all areas of production, introducing new formats and flexing our creative muscles. Our upcoming web series 'Gay Bar or Bust' for example, is a format that's new to UK Naked Men and we are enthusiastic about developing this and future ideas.”

The executive noted that the strategic partnership will help the company grow and he is “happy to be a little less independent and to be joining a highly respected team."

‘’We are genuinely excited about partnering with Mania Media to help us continue our growth and afford us the freedom to focus on production. The motivated and hard-working team at Mania Media have already proved successful in managing European brands; this combined with their web presence, the technology they offer and their extensive knowledge of the industry makes this the perfect mix for our future development," Jonno, director and owner of UKNakedMen said.

Mania partner Roger McMan added, “We have learned in this industry that partnerships can be very strong when values are common and shared. We can definitely see how strong this partnership will be with James and Jonno. We are pleased to work with such wonderful men and look forward to this new alliance.”

UKNakedMen and ButchDixon are set to be added to Mania Media’s Network for launch by June 1.

The sites will continue to be updated weekly and new marketing tools will be available including RSS feeds, hosted galleries, banners, hosted blogs, blog entries, free content, embed videos, and more.

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