Tanya Tate Tackles Online Impostors

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Tanya Tate is tackling imposters who are attempting to claim her identity.

As her profile has been heightened internationally and nationally, Tate has found herself the target of impostors. Fans have been duped into believing they were communicating with her, when, in fact, they were not.

However, Tate was able to utilize her protected trademark to strategically remove the impostors from social media sites.

“I am very appreciative of my fans and want to make sure that when they communicate with Tanya Tate, they are doing it with the real one," Tate said.

Her experience in adult entertainment, the multi-award winning performer became aware that adult websites often served as an easy platform for stolen content, so she made it a goal to secure all her owned work, of which she regularly monitors to ensure her material stays protected.

In order to protect her brand, she has trademarked her name and advises those in the adult industry who want protect their rights and intellectual properties to consider trademarking.

When needed, Tate counts on the aid of Nate Glass, founder of Takedown Piracy, an anti-piracy service that was started in 2009. Nate, through Takedown Piracy, sends a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice on behalf of the copyright owner.

“Stars such as Tanya Tate are a great line of defense against uneducated pirates," Glass said. "Often times fans of the industry don't realize the content they are downloading is illegal and their actions harm the bottom line of everyone involved. Tanya's message to the fans is loud and clear and those that love her will think twice before they continue to jeopardize her livelihood. On behalf of Takedown Piracy and everyone in the adult entertainment industry, I would like to thank Tanya for spreading the word to her peers and fans.”

Tate encourages anyone who spots stolen Tanya Tate material or finds anyone claiming to be Tanya Tate to report such transgressions to her immediately.

She can be reached via a myriad of means, all of which can be found here.

She plans to keep doing the same for others in her industry.