Actor Mark Wahlberg Spotted Leaving Shop With Topco’s April Flores Mold

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales announced a recent moment in the spotlight with actor Mark Wahlberg.

According to Daily Mail, on April 23, Wahlberg was seen leaving a sex shop while in Miami filming scenes for “Pain and Gain,” his upcoming movie co-starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Splash News photographs show Wahlberg leaving with the Wildfire Celebrity Series April Flores' Voluptuous CyberSkin Pussy and the recently discontinued Rascal Toys Links in Natural. Rumor has it that the products may appear during a torture scene in the film, the company says.

"We can't say whether the items are going to be used as a movie prop or not," Topco Sales' Marketing Communications Manager Erica Heathman said. "Of course, even if that's the case, we'd prefer to imagine Marky Mark doing something a little funkier with them."

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