R&B Singer Brian McKnight Feels Backlash Over Sexually Explicit Song

Nelson Ayala

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Grammy nominated R&B singer Brian McKnight, best known for romantic hits such as "One Last Cry" and "Back at One," has recorded a track so sexually explicit it's gotten his fans' panties in a bunch.

On Monday, McKnight released an in-studio video explaining the inspiration behind his new joint "If You're Ready to Learn," an extremely raunchy, tongue-firmly-in-cheek love song about teaching women how to fully get the most enjoyment out of their va-jay-jays.

"Most people only want to hear me do one kind of song," McKnight said in the clip. "But, there's been lots of conversations I've had with men, lots of conversations I've had with women, just about other sexual type things that I'd like to tackle."

The video, which quickly trended online, soon sparked a backlash from fans rubbed the wrong way by McKnight's vulgar stylings. McKnight, who appeared genuinely surprised by the negative reactions, removed the video on Tuesday and tweeted, "Okay, I'm taking it down and I'll never do it again. I'm putting up a safe song. Jeez, no sense of humor."

McKnight, a father of two who lives in Chatsworth, California, went on to tweet, "I'm just having fun right now seeing what I've created. I'm gonna finish it today and I'll put out a clean and nasty version. How about that?"

To watch McKnight perform "If You're Ready to Learn," go here.