Girlfriends Films Awarded Studio of the Year by TLARaw

Lyla Katz

RESEDA, Calif.   Fans and customers of adult site voted for Girlfriends Films as the Studio of the Year.

In addition to the award, the title “Poor Little Shyla” was named Best Porn Movie and “Prague” was named Best International Porn.

“Honestly, it's unsurprising Girlfriends Films took home three of our top awards this year," general manager Brian Sokel said. "Our customers are ravenous for their films, and each new release showcases their distinct ability to lock in on a specific niche and explore it perfectly for fans. Girlfriends consistently brings beautiful women and true sexuality to the forefront, and we look forward to many more years of working with them.”

The Studio of the Year honor is the second bestowed upon the lesbian studio in 2012, as dubbed Girlfriends Films the same earlier in the year.

“These awards mean a lot to us because they come from the community watching our films,” said Moose, Girlfriends Films vice president.

“On behalf of everyone at Girlfriends Films, I would like to thank TLA, its staff, and customers, for honoring Girlfriends Films with not just one, but three top accolades.

“‘Poor Little Shyla’ was a labor of love; we pushed against stereotypes and broke away from tried and true story lines. Its resulting success is a testament to originality and quality. ‘Prague’ is a brand new line for us and the critical acclaim is a reflection of a remarkable country and its amazing women. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to make movies with such beautiful scenery. Topping these prestigious acknowledgments with Studio of the Year marks one of Girlfriends Films’ proudest moments. We are humbled, and we thank you, TLA. We look forward to making movies you will enjoy for years to come.”

Dan O’Connell, Girlfriends Films owner and the writer/director/producer of “Poor Little Shyla” and “Prague” said, “I would like to thank both TLA and the fans who cast thousands of votes for our studio and movies. Without their support, I’d be back working a ho-hum job instead of living out a dream. I’d also like to extend my great appreciation for Shyla Jennings and all the other extraordinary women appearing in ‘Poor Little Shyla’ and ‘Prague.’ You are all talented and wonderful.”

The past year for Girlfriends Films, consisting of record sales, two new and acclaimed series, notable industry accolades, the release of its 300th title, two distribution deals, the launch of its first membership site plus a foray into publishing. 

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In addition to its movies, Girlfriends Films recently published its first book, Lesbian Sex Positions and designs for two collectable calendars for 2013 are underway.

New plans for the year include original, new series, more episodes of the talk shows "The Vault" and "The Kinky & Creepy Show," the launch of an affiliate program, distribution of additional producers (based on the success of movies by Juicy Pink Box and Tammy Sands), a second membership website, and development of a novelty patent.

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