BMS Factory Wins Adultex 2012 Award for Best Environmental Concept

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — BMS Factory returned from Adultex 2012 in Australia with the award for Best Environmental Concept for its Leaf collection of personal massagers.

Leaf has become well known for its designs and inspirations which are derived from an array of different designs found in nature, with a hard focus on sustainability and reusable packaging.

BMS Factory President Steve Bannister accepted the award and later gave a keynote address about BMS’ role in the industry and its future. He also discussed Leaf, Lux, PalmPower, Swan and the power behind it all: PowerBullet.

New to the BMS lineup are four new designs part of the popular Swan Collection, as well as the first of a brand new subcategory of Adore called Adore Petite. Leaf, Lux, PalmPower and the new eMotion technology were also shown to high praise, the company said.

BMS also brought some of its new acrylic promotional displays designed for the retail level, which will be available in a few months to distributors to send to retail shops. The new displays include posters, product information cards, branded product stands and catalogues.

“We always have a great time at Adultex, and this year was no exception,” Bannister said. “I really love speaking and interacting with as many people as I possibly can to get their story and tell them about the amazing things that BMS is doing. I was honored to meet some people who seemed very loyal to Swan, and who really loved and recognized the quality and amazing sensations that come with the collection.”

According to the company, BMS will also be updating some of its websites for a better experience. Beginning with Swan, a newly redesigned site will be released soon with a fresh new look and enhanced features for ease of use. Lux is also planning the launch of its site due to arrive next month.