Pleasure Dynasty Showcases 2 New Productions

MIAMI  Two new productions from Pleasure Dynasty are underway, both set in Miami.

“South Beach Pick Ups” and “Erotic Beach Show” are new reality porn series that are co-produced by Materia Entertainment. 

Directed by D. Sanchez, both films will primarily feature young, local Florida girls.

“South Beach Pick Ups” and “Erotica Beach Show” star Katie Jordan, Stephanie Moretti, Kaylee Evans, Natalia Robles, Carly, Sydney Cross, and Mandy Sky.

“Erotic Beach Show” is described a game show with a sexy twist. Hosted by Stephanie Moretti, the series will pit models competing for cash prizes and featured events such as strip volleyball and a water gun fight.

The interviews and soft content are part of Pleasure Dynasty’s new Erotic Platform, providing adult content for broadcast, while the DVD will include the XXX action.

“Florida media has the perfect opportunity to experience one of our state’s fastest growing industries," Pleasure Dynasty owner Carlos Cavero said.

"With the new condom ordinances in Los Angeles, the adult industry is looking to expand, and Florida offers the perfect solution. We are collaborating on some great new series with Materia Entertainment. ‘South Beach Pick Ups’ and ‘Erotic Beach Show’ show the diverse nature of the content we produce, and will definitely meet consumer demand for high-end reality movies.”

Materia Entertainment, a webcam studio, recently turned to PD Films, LLC for management in expanding its operations.

“After listening to all the rave reviews about PD Films, we can confidently say it is all quite true," A Materia Entertainment spokesperson said. "The company's hard working team and professional industry standards never fail to impress. We've always been a huge fan of D. Sanchez' since his Bang-Bus days. Now we're excited to work with him on his newest original projects. We are glad to have PD Films’ expertise and help in jump-starting our upcoming venture into video production. We also look forward to an extravagant future with PD Films’ through 'South Beach Pickups' and much more.”

PD Films, the business side of Pleasure Dynasty, helps investors start their own adult entertainment business or grow their pre-existing enterprise. The company creates business plans for investors, produces original content, organizes distribution of finished movies, utilizes future technologies and distribution platforms, and markets products to capitalize on demand.