Nakita Kash Profiled in 'Sexy Baby' Documentary

Nelson Ayala

NEW YORK — Former adult star Nakita Kash is one of three women profiled in "Sexy Baby," a new documentary on the alarming effects the digital age is having on young people's sexual development.

The documentary, produced and directed by contributing Esquire editor Jill Bauer and Miami Herald photographer Ronna Gradus, is set to premiere tonight as part of the 11th annual Tribeca Film Festival, which runs through April 29 in Lower Manhattan.

Kash, a 32-year-old professional pole dancing instructor and one-time star of more than a hundred all-girl and solo hardcore productions, was the first to join the project three years ago. She talks about the experience with

"As a teenager, it’s always about instant gratification," Kash said. "That’s emphasized now because we’re in the digital age, and they get information immediately, which allows for them to have gratification immediately. It’s definitely a world now where everything is at your fingertips, whether it be information, food, or sex, especially for teenagers."

Profiled alongside Kash in "Sexy Baby" are Winnie, a 12-year-old "proto-feminist" hooked on Lady Ga-Ga, and Laura, a 22-year-old looking to upgrade to a "designer vagina" after being told by her boyfriend that hers was bigger than what he had seen in porno movies.

To see "Sexy Baby's" eye-opening trailer, go here