Naughty Tweet Issues Twitter Warning for Adult Biz

Rhett Pardon

LAS VEGAS — Some adult entertainment companies and performers are in "severe violation" of Twitter's spam rules and risk suspension or termination, warned Pete Housley, Naughty Tweet Network's CEO.

Housley, in a press release, said that Twitter recently has beefed up its anti-spam team to detect and penalize accounts that violate the rules established by one of the world's most popular online communications platforms with more than 140 million users.

It also has filed claims against operators of  web tools that allegedly make it easier to spam people on Twitter. Those tools include TweetAttacks, TweetAdder and TweetBuddy.

Housley, whose Naughty Tweet Network operates 16 social media aggregation sites, said it was brought to his attention that some in the adult biz are bending Twitter's regulations by buying followers and employing Twitter trains, something he has warned about through his years speaking at adult industry conventions.

“Twitter has been a great resource to the adult industry while other networks have censored and blocked adult; Twitter has rules that are simple and straightforward," Housley said. "It is our responsibility as an industry to not sabotage ourselves and adhere to the spirit and purpose of social media. 

“We’re a strong supporter of the adult industry; spam has done nothing to help this industry only created roadblocks and hurdles for all of us who attempt to run good businesses. We realize that some may not know the rules and are merely trying to increase their impact through social media, which is why we’re issuing this warning."

A complete list of Twitter rules can be viewed here.