Say It With a Condom Launches

Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — Benjamin Sherman, the founder of the Practice Safe Policy line of political condoms, has launched Say It With a Condom, an umbrella brand for his variously themed collections and condom marketing services.

“Back in 2008, we took to the streets to spread a message, Practice Safe Policy,” Sherman told XBIZ. “After the enormous success of our Obama, McCain and Palin Condom lines, we realized how effective condoms were at delivering a message with a smile, and Say It With A Condom was born."

Practice Safe Policy’s condoms have been featured on several mainstream media outlets, including TMZ, CNBC, Bloomberg Radio, USA Today and more.

“Today, Say It With A Condom produces and distributes a wide range of novelty and promotional condoms, including bachelorette and stoner themed, pop culture related, as well as our original and ever-expanding political line,” Sherman said.

According to the company, Say It With A Condom’s condom marketing services offers a variety of printing options available to suit any budget.

“Soon after our condoms took off, we began receiving emails and feedback from customers looking to deliver a message of their own,” Sherman said. “A little humor goes a long way in reaching your target customers and a custom designed condom with your business logo is sure to make a memorable impression. Our customers range from bars and nightclubs to boutique clothing shops and hair salons. Whether you are looking to spice up your next special event or simply increase your brand awareness: Say It With A Condom is a perfect fit for your next promotion.” operates as a retail site for condoms featuring a variety of themes, including bachelorette, pop culture, humor and politics.

Say It With a Condom recently unveiled two new themes: Stoner Condoms and Titanic Condoms.

The Stoner Condoms features three slogans and designs , including: “Everyone Loves A Fatty,” “I'd Hit That,” and “Toke It Before You Poke It.”

“These condoms are perfect for any stoner with a boner,” Sherman joked. “We're in a laidback business where everyone wants to have a good time and this latest line emulates just that.”

Just in time to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the company has released Titanic-themed condoms and said it plans to donate 10 percent of profits to charities working to keep oceans clean and safe.

The two special edition condoms feature tongue-in-cheek slogans and designs stating, “I Go Down,” and “Just The Tip.”

“Whether on your maiden voyage or making a repeat run, you can be sure these life preservers won’t spring a leak,” Sherman said. “Our Titanic Condoms promote the importance of proper safety measures, and enforces the idea that it isn’t the size of the ship that matters most.” is offering readers 20 percent off with the promo code: XBIZ20.

For more information, visit, or call (866) 997-6542.