SegPay Partners With Paxum for New Pay-Out Option

Dan Miller

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — SegPay, one of the world’s leading providers of Internet payment processing services, today announced a new partnership with Paxum, Inc. that allows clients to have their funds instantly transferred to a Paxum e-wallet account, providing immediate access with the Paxum MasterCard.

SegPay said it is the first Internet Payment Service Provider to offer Paxum as a pay-out option, cementing its status as an industry leader.

Getting payments to international webmasters can be expensive. Paxum offers an inexpensive and convenient alternative to wire transfers and checks. By partnering with Paxum, SegPay showcases its focus on customer service with reliable, safe and convenient offerings.

“International webmasters and others in the industry have long needed a low-cost way to receive payments,” said Cathy Beardsley, SegPay president and CEO. “SegPay is excited to offer Paxum.  This partnership provides more options and a richer experience for our customers.”

Paxum offers a secure e-wallet payment service with multiple withdrawal options. The MasterCard-backed Paxum card provides a secure, fast payroll solution with easy instant access to payments.  It has become a popular way for webmasters and their affiliates to receive funds, especially for clients outside the United States.

Benefits of the SegPay-Paxum partnership:

  • MasterCard-backed pre-paid card can be used at any ATM or business where MasterCard is accepted
  • Paxum card is compliant with Know Your Customer rules
  • Paxum customers can transfer funds to other Paxum customers; Peer to Peer transfers
  • Low fees to receive money
  • Low usage fees