Lords of Acid Releases Deep Chills Album

LOS ANGELES The industrial band Lords of Acid has released its first album in ten years titled Deep Chills.

The unrated music video for the first single “Pop that Tooshie” is available on a host of adult websites including PornHub, YouPorn, PornoYube as well as Shinefish Entertainment’s company website which produced the music video for Lords of Acid.

The track features guest vocals by Alana Evans and the music video features additional porn stars such as Anjanette Astoria, Missy Martinez and Daisy Dare.

“I am very privileged to have played a small role producing the first music video for the new Lords of Acid album Deep Chills," Astoria said. “It was truly an honor.”

Both European and North American markets can purchase Lords of Acid’s album Deep Chills and view the unrated trailer here.

Other tracks include Zag Bagans (guest vocals) “Paranormal Energy” from Ghost Adventures, Little Mighty Rabbit, Pop That Tooshie, Drowning in Ecstasy, Sole Sucker, Hot Magma, Long Johns, Censorship Blows, Children of Acid, Medicine Man, Mary Queen of Slots, Love Bus, Slip n’ Slide and Surfin’ Hedgehog.

The album also features amazing vocal performances by DJ Mea.

The tracks are vintage works of Praga Khan with large variety of beats, catchy riffs, and sexually charged lyrics.