Donates Percentage of Revenue to the Rainforest Foundation

BOSTON — announced that The Rainforest Foundation U.K. was the organization voted on by the subscriber community for the month of March.

The Rainforest Foundation was founded in 1989 by Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, after they saw first-hand the destruction of the Amazon rainforests, and the devastating impact it had on the lives of the indigenous peoples who lived there.

The foundation's first major initiative was to campaign for the protection of the lands of the Kayapo Indians in Brazilian Amazonia. This resulted in 1993 in the legal recognition and demarcation of an area of more than 27,359 square kilometers. takes time and consideration that each organization is chosen based on a commitment to excellence, accomplishment of stated goals and ratio of funds distribution.

Over the last 20 years the foundation has expanded and diversified. Today there is the New York-based Rainforest Foundation Fund, which is generously backed by Sting.

This provides funding for three autonomous organizations: Rainforest Foundation US, Rainforest Foundation Norway, Rainforest Foundation U.K.

These organizations directly support projects in more than 20 countries that protect tropical rainforests and the people that live there.

The list of potential beneficiaries includes social, medical and environmental charities that get little attention and deserve so much more. Some are large associations known for touching lives in positive ways.

Others are small but cutting-edge research foundations determined to cure debilitating diseases while others are cultural and community outreach programs devoted to enriching lives.’s members will select each month’s beneficiary, giving women a voice in ensuring dollars go where they will do the most good.

Each month’s beneficiary will be announced at the beginning of the following month.

Organizations and foundations that would like to be included may email