The Screaming O Gets Dirty at Summer of Mud Dodgeball Tourney

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES The Screaming O brought together seven of its finest to form the supreme Scream Team to compete in this year’s Summer of Mud Dirty Dodgeball tournament, where 12 groups fought for the No. 1 title and the chance to take home a slew of Screaming O goodies.

Each year teams from all over convene in Southern California where the infamous annual 5K Irvine Lake Mud Run goes down, and this year The Screaming O brought its arsenal of gym class heroes to compete.

 With T-shirts, banners and Scream Team girls with free products in hand, the signature team plastered the 50-foot Dirty Dodgeball court with telltale red-and-white memorabilia in preparation for the ultimate showdown.

“The Screaming O placed in the top three and we weren’t afraid to get dirty,” said Josh, The Screaming O team captain.

“First place may have won a big bottle of champagne and bragging rights, but The Screaming O took home the title of most popular team, without a doubt. Besides, all that matters is that we had a Screaming good time.”

Dirty Dodgeball was comprised of 5-minute halves without much care for rule books or keeping it clean. In a pit of mud 12 teams slipped, slid and splashed while hurtling rubber balls at each other’s bodies.

“We know how to have fun while reminding the rest of the world that it’s always more fun with a Screaming O," The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said.

"Our company is so much more than creating top-selling sex toys, it’s about having a good time  and this time we took it to the next level. Congrats to the winners, but of course we’re most proud of our courageous team members who stood up and represented the O with finesse.”

The Summer of Mud Spring Break Dirty Dodgeball tournament took place March 31 at Oak Canyon Park.

Clips from the tournament are available here.

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