New Swan Designs to Be Unveiled at Adultex 2012

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — Due to be unveiled in the overseas markets at Adultex 2012 in Australia this month, the award-winning Swan Collection will be showing three new models in its line of luxury vibrators, as well as the new Adore Petite by Swan.

Swan was awarded Best Product Line at last year’s eroFame in Germany and is backed by BMS Factory, the 2012 XBIZ Award-winning Sex Toy Company of the Year.

In addition to the nine designs in the collection already, Swan will be adding the Cygnet, Silhouette and Feather designs.

“The Swan Silhouette captures the majestic stance of the proud Swan,” the company said. “With two independently controlled opposing tips, the bulbous ends work together to create a sensual friction. This tightly hugs a woman’s body in a way that offers an energizing experience.”

The Swan Feather features a curved shape, a highly angled internal tip and tightly parallel external stimulator that work together to create a pressure that is packed with deep vibrations.

Swan also debuts a sub-collection of Adore named Adore Petite. Among the Adore Petite designs is the Elegance, which features a wireless charging cradle, incremental speed controls with LED display and independently controlled vibrations. The new design has a slightly smaller body with a powerful shaft rotator and clitoral stimulator. The external arm has two crescent shapes on the top and bottom which act together to create a gentle pulling sensation.

The four models will be hitting store shelves soon in the European market, the company said. Contact a local distributor for purchasing details.