Kylie Marilyn Crowned Miss Rubber World 2012

NEW YORK — International fetish model Kylie Marilyn was crowned Miss Rubber World 2012.

The event was part of New York Rubber Ball, presented by

"For the first time, this award goes across the ocean and I'm proud to represent it in Europe," Marilyn said. "Thank you so much to Brigitte More for an awesome dress. That was a huge factor in our win. Thank you so much to Chiyo Nakamura and all the awesome latex designers and labels who helped us. I hope to bring many kinksters and fetishists to New York next year for an even better show."

Marilyn's duties as Miss Rubber World 2012 will be to promote the rubber fetish community, and act as a representative of the community at events. With the title, tiara and sash, comes more than $8,000 worth of rubber merchandise and accessories from sponsors such as The Baroness, Kink Engineering, Lady Oops, Dawnamatrix Designs, Lovely Latex, Anatomic Bomb and

Competing with Marilyn for the title were nine rivals, including designers, models and dominatrixes. Most fo them had extensive connections in the fetish community and had elaborate stage shows for the fantasy performance competition.

Lydia Lael, first runner up in the competition, won more than  $4,000 in prizes, and third place winner Sophia Larou took home more than $2,000 in latex swag.

"Shae Fatale definitely deserved to win," contestant Queen Titania said.

"She had the coolest, most creative outfits. Although Austin White kind of deserved to win for walking around in ballet boots like it was nothing. Regardless, I had a lot of fun last night and met some very cool people."

One of Marylin's first duties as Miss Rubber World 2012 will be to represent the title and the rubber community at Fetish Evolution Weekend, April 6-8, in Germany.

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