Paxum Announces Affiliate Program, New Features

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL — Paxum announced updates to its global ewallet payment service today that includes the addition of an affiliate referral program.

Paxum said its affiliates will earn $7 for every referred client who activates a Paxum Mastercard, as well as earning $5 when the referred client externally funds his or her account with $200 or more.

Enrollment in the new program is open to all verified Paxum clients.

"Our business has grown very quickly by word-of-mouth," explained Paxum CEO, Octav Moise. "We believe this is an excellent way to thank our valued customers for their support, as well as cultivate future growth."

In addition to the affiliate program, Paxum has also created a new feature for business account holders called "Name Match," implemented to help combat fraud. Name Match enables Paxum clients to receive a match/no match result from its database for the name of the personal client they wish to pay.

"As a business owner, I am very familiar with the need to be aware of any potentially fraudulent activity ASAP," continued Moise.

He added, "With that in mind, and with keen observance of our own privacy rules, we developed this feature to assist business owners with their own KYC requirements. Name Match offers a way for business owners to confirm if a new affiliate, employee, or client is verified in the Paxum database to match the name they provide to that owner."

The new Name Match feature has also been integrated into Paxum's API functions along with new settings for increased usability.  Paxum said developers are advised to visit the Developers Page on the company website for more information.

Paxum's update also includes several features to improve the customer experience, such as PDF statements, a customer "beneficiary" list available for all users, batch transfer reporting, and the ability to create personal accounts for employees/affiliates.

Complete details regarding the update are available to all Paxum clients in the announcements section of their Paxum Account Control Panel.