Electric Lingerie Shows Off Latest Additions at ILS

Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — At this week’s International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Electric Lingerie presented the latest additions to its Lux Fetish collection and expansion of the Blue Line brand.

“Lux Fetish is set to rock the fetish world with the release of the highest quality swing stand available on the market,” the company said, “Introducing the new Fantasy Swing Stand, a must-have sex apparatus for couples looking to explore news level of pleasure from a variety of sexual positions.”

The swing supports up to 550 pounds, features qaulity construction and comes in sturdy box for storage.

“The Fantasy Swing Stand makes it easy for every couple to try positions that they never thought possible not just by catering to users of all sizes but also because it features the best price in the market,” the company said. “Lux Fetish redefines kink by making it affordable for all couples to venture into the world of fetish.”

Electric Lingerie also extended the Blue Line collection for men with the addition of C&B Gear — an arsenal of cock-play toys made from everything silicone, leather and steel bondage-inspired styles.

“The C&B Gear collection is destined to be a bestseller among beginners with detailed packaging that offers clear and concise instructions, as well as informative illustrations on how to use and wear the product within,” the company said.

C&B Gear fetish styles include &B Gear’s 3 Ring Gates of Hell and range of Ball Dividers and Ball Stretchers, including the 8 Style Ball Divider, T-Style Cock Ring With Ball Divider, Snap Ball Stretcher and Velcro Stretcher, and Parachute Ball Stretcher.

“Men that are looking to explore the depths of their sexuality can also look to the Blue Line Prostate Gear duo of Male P-Spot Massagers, which are available in five-inch ribbed classic designs in black and white colors,” the company said.