Stockroom Easing Shoppers Into e-Stim With Demo Videos

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Stockroom has ventured into product demo video-making as its latest approach to educating retailers and shoppers on budding niche fetishes such as electro-stimulation.

This week, the bondage and fetish gear manufacturer filmed its first pair of product demo videos showcasing the new Kinklab ElectroErotic Neon Wand. Layla Ross, Stockroom’s newly minted distribution and packaging director, starred in the B2B version of the product demo video, while XXX stars Ryan Keely and Michael Vegas talked potential shoppers through the Neon Wand’s noteworthy features and functions before getting into some softcore electro sex play for the camera.

The video shoot’s direction was a collaborative effort among the Stockroom team and its extended production staff and models. Among those on hand were Stockroom President Mike Herman and famed fetish photographer Steve Diet Goedde. “It’s never a one-man show at Stockroom,” Ross said.

According to Ross, electro sex is a growing market and Stockroom is paving the way for even the most vanilla novices to give the fetish a try. In making the B2C product demo video Herman instructed the models to “appeal to soccer moms” by avoiding jargon and keeping the demo playful and fun.

“The Neon Wand Kit is based on traditional violet wands that are typical among experienced users, and we wanted to make it more accessible to all consumers,” Ross said. “The fact that it has glass attachments as opposed to metal makes it softer and the four attachments vary in intensity; it’s a solid state wand so it’s sturdy and the price point of $150 makes it a good on-ramp for newbies.”

High-end violet wands for experienced users can cost up to $400, Ross said, however, the Neon Wand offers the similar features.

“Since it’s so new and there’s nothing out there like it, we chose the Neon Wand to feature in an educational video — and we intend to do more,” Ross said. “The B2B videos will be sent to distributors to use with retailers to share with sales staff so they understand the product better. The sexier video also is meant to educate but with entertainment.”

The Kinklab brand is characterized as a beginner’s line, and its will reputation plays a role in the success of the growing ElectroErotic collection.

“Kinklab’s gotten a great reputation over the years among beginners and it gives people the assurance that research, time and energy went into the product’s design,” Ross said. “Stockroom is known for introducing new and innovative products, so seeing our stamp of approval on a product builds trust among consumers.”

The Neon Wand is a solid-state device with no moving parts inside, which makes it possible to move and change the angle of the Neon Wand without distracting interruptions or unexpected variations in the output.

With more additions to the ElectroErotic line in the works, Stockroom will begin shipping the Power Tripper, an attachment for the Neon Wand that turns the user into a human electrode — or multiple users into a human daisy chain.