Topco Gets FDA Registration, New Products Forthcoming

Matt O'Conner
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales has been granted U.S. Food and Drug Administration registration as a manufacturer and seller of over-the-counter (OTC) drug products, meaning the company is now free to manufacture and sell a much wider range of products, including desensitizing creams and anti-bacterial solutions for cleaning toys.

Topco revamped its manufacturing facility to pass inspection by both the FDA and the health inspectors from the state of California, according to Technical Director of Drugs and Cosmetics Tim Crawford.

“As a registered drug manufacturer, we can create and sell the most potent male genital desensitizers allowed by law. There no limit to where we can go now,” Crawford told XBIZ, adding that the company already is in the process of developing a number of ancillary products such as desensitizing anal lubes.

“We’re one of the first adult companies able to do this type of manufacturing in-house.”

While some of Topco’s hard plastic products are produced overseas, all of the company’s latex products are produced at its Chatsworth facility. The new status will allow Topco to also branch out into mainstream products such as cosmetics, anti-acne creams, anti-dandruff shampoos and sunscreens.

While Crawford couldn’t comment on a specific schedule, he did say launches are imminent. He also noted that Topco can manufacture products on a contract basis for other companies and that the FDA registration should help to significantly increase that aspect of the company’s business.