MiKandi Launches Mobile Theater

Bob Johnson

SEATTLE — App developer MiKandi announced the launch of MiKandi Theater today, a one-stop video destination for mobile consumers featuring content from 12 studios.

The company said that today’s launch marks the culmination of months of deep collaboration between the MiKandi team and its studio launch partners Elegant Angel, Wasteland, PinkTV, Burning Angel, Gamma Entertainment, and others that have created channels filled with hundreds of videos.

“Mobile video already accounts for half of mobile bandwidth without us. Imagine what will happen now that we’re live,” quipped MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams.

He added, “Since day one, we’ve been committed to enabling adults to get what they want and when they want it. Our customers have been clamoring for an easy and intuitive way to access their favorite adult videos and we’re excited to answer their requests with the MiKandi Theater. This is the climax of phase one in our company’s history.”

Mikandi maintained that the success of its virtual currency with consumers has given the adult studios the confidence that consumers will purchase and subscribe to their content on a regular basis.

In addition, the company noted that its “100 percent” customer satisfaction rate ensures that the charge backs and failed credit card transactions that normally plague the adult industry are removed from the equation.

The $7.99 monthly channel subscription price is reminiscent of other innovators in the video content space, according to MiKandi. “When MiKandi approached us to discuss the Theater and showed us the purchasing activity for apps, we couldn’t have said yes fast enough. It’s not every day you get to be involved in the launch of the Netflix for porn,” said Colin Rowntree, founder of Wasteland.com.

MiKandi said its focus has been satisfying its customers and treating them “like adults.”

“We think that the lack of trust in our industry is the single biggest obstacle to success, so we’ve built ourselves around delighting customers first and grown from there,” Adams said.

The MiKandi Theater is now available to everyone using the free MiKandi app that can be found at M.Mikandi.com.

A YouTube promotional video can be seen here.

MiKandi said its team is already working with other studios to expand the content offerings.

Inquiries from adult studios can be directed to studiopartner@mikandi.com.