Healing Wave Performer Testing Clinic Closed

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES Free Speech Coalition learned this morning that, effective immediately, one of its APHSS centers, Healing Wave, has closed its doors. Healing Wave reported that all pending test results have been released to the performers and the APHSS availability index is current.

FSC suggests that performers who usually test at Healing Wave go to another of APHSS facility, Cutting Edge Testing center in Sherman Oaks (CuttingEdgeTesting.com - 818.386.2132). Like Healing Wave, Cutting Edge provides the next day test results and is industry friendly. Performers can also get tested through AMTC (samedaytest.com - 888.511.0262).

“We never want to be in the situation we were in when AIM closed,” said Diane Duke FSC executive director. “That is, APHSS provides a number of options for performers and currently there exist excellent alternatives.” 

FSC expects to add another L.A.-based clinic to its program in the near future. “We learned a great deal when AIM closed and those lessons paid off,” Duke continued.  “One provider closed its doors and services continue without any disruption to production.”

Performers wishing to get copies of their medical records from Healing Wave can obtain them by emailing info@healingwavemd.com.