ASFX, The Screaming O Co-sponsor USF Safe Sex Events

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES  The Association for Safe Fun Sex has teamed with The Screaming O to co-sponsor a series of sex education events at the University of South Florida.

Hosted by Todd Couples Superstore, the organization said these on-campus gatherings combine health information with fun games and prizes for a unique take on teaching safe sex.

The Screaming O and ASFX will provide their blend of sex toy expertise and fun, fresh sexual wellness education to this sex education series, launched a few years ago by Todd Couples Superstore General Manager Shayne Arnone.

“It’s our pleasure to take part in another fundamental safe sex awareness program designed to make it easy, safe and most importantly —  fun to learn to practice safe sex habits,” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said.

“Todd Couples Superstore has been a pivotal provider of student-focused events like these and we’re excited to work with ASFX to put a little Screaming O vibe to the mix.”

Arnone works with various sororities and on-campus groups to offer friendly safe sex presentations, masturbation FAQ sessions, and informative sex toy seminars — all of which have become key weekend social events for USF students campus-wide.

“Our society tries to close us off from talking about sex, but young people especially are figuring out that it’s OK to talk about it,” Arnone said. “Our Todd Couples Superstore events bring awareness that it’s OK to seek and have pleasure and help remove the sense of guilt that’s often there.”

The next event will be held March 29. Hundreds of students will have access to a series of booths featuring all sorts of sexual health, wellness and education resources, including one devoted to sex toys, tips and tricks where students can take home free samples.

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