'X Factor' Judge Tulisa Contostavlos Admits to Sex Tape

Nelson Ayala

U.K. — "X Factor" judge and N-Dubz vocalist Tulisa Contostavlos admitted on Wednesday that she is the woman in the celebrity sex tape that is making the rounds online and creating a tizzy among her fans and detractors alike. 

Seen in the video fellating her former boyfriend and pop artist Justin Edwards (aka MC Ultra), Contostavlos took to her YouTube account to come clean about the scandalous ordeal.

She said, "I wanted to set the record straight on a certain tape circulating online that consists of footage of me and my ex-boyfriend having an intimate moment. I have never been the type to sit down and keep my mouth shut, and to keep quiet about anything, especially when I've done nothing wrong whatsoever."

Contostavlos, who vehemently denied her participation in the sex tape when it was first leaked, also revealed that she knew of Edwards' plan to release the video. She said, "Six months ago, I got a call from a mutual friend saying that apparently he has footage of me; that he's been threatening to bring it out to ruin my career. I confronted him. He lied about it. And, here we are today and the footage is now circulating online.

"As you can imagine, I am devastated, heartbroken," Contostavlos continued. "When you share an intimate moment with someone that you love and care about and trust, you never imagine that footage will be shared with the world."

To see Contostavlos' YouTube confessional, go here.