Jet Set Men Receives 19 Grabby Award Nominations

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — has received 19 Grabby Erotic Video Award nominations honoring four movie releases from 2011 as well as one individual Grabby Award nomination for the Jet Set Men studio website.

Jet Set Men's "To Fuck A Predator" leads the pack with seven 7 Grabby nominations including Best Movie of 2011.

In addition, "Jersey Score 2," "TSA Stripdown," and "Anthony's Weener’ racked up the remaining 11 Grabby Award nominations including a fan favorite, Best Box Cover for "To Fuck a Predator."

The cover illustrates Jet Set Men Model Jimmy Clay in his performance with Topher DiMaggio's in the multi-nominated movie.

“The model performances over the past year for Jet Set Men have been clear stand outs," director of casting Rob Romoni said.

"It shows in the nominations from hitting all categories and producing new creative content that the public really enjoys watching.”

The 2012 Grabby Erotic Video Awards will be held in Chicago on Saturday, May 26.

Show details can be found here.