Wet Upgrades Website With Interactive Features

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Wet has unveiled a revamped website with new interactive components.

The company’s website, StaysWetLonger.com, has been live since 2005 and was updated in 2009. According to the company, the first phase of the two step remodeling process offers questionnaires, hot tips and product video reviews, enabling the customer to have a more personalized experience.

Among the site’s updates is a new LGBT section.

“Realizing that every person, couple and relationship is different is part of the Wet® philosophy,” said Jennifer Martsolf, vice president of marketing. “We want the website to express that Wet truly offers a formula for every desire. We made the site completely scalable to allow for growth, new technology, and advances in social media and community building.”

In addition to the LGBT section, the improved site also has the following features: A new interactive questionnaire for consumers to find out “Which Formula Is Right for You?” With this feature, consumers can find which products suit their individual needs by answering six multiple choice questions.

The site’s new “Wet Lube Tube” page further facilitates product choice decisions by showing product reviews and “How to” videos from real consumers.