COLT's Marc Dylan Goes Nude in S.F.'s Castro

Rhett Pardon

SAN FRANCISCO — Wearing just a plaid fedora, pair of shoes and a Canon camera around his neck, COLT Studio Group performer Marc Dylan strolled in the buff around the Castro recently and shot a video that many might take offense at.

But, hey, this is the Castro, and furthermore this is San Francisco, where public nudity is perfectly legal, as long as the naked person isn't aroused.

On Thursday, COLT Studio Group released a short, 3:14 minute video on its blog (it is also on YouTube) that shows Dylan walking through the Castro, purportedly as a promo for the new Buckshot's "California Boys" release that he stars in.

In the video, Dylan stood at a street corner and hung out at a coffee house, cookie store and even walked into a barbershop to have his chest shaved. He even posed in front of a Muni trolley and asked another fellow to take a shot of him in the buff.

While the COLT promo will likely get a ton of hits, the idea of strolling San Francisco naked is catching on.

A recent law proposed by Sup. Scott Weiner banning sitting on public benches, restaurants and public transportation without some kind of protective covering between the chair and the butt is getting local nudists angry enough to take off all their clothes and stand around.

Last weekend, more than a dozen protesters gathered at "The Buff Stop" in the Castro for a lunchtime "nude-in."