PHS Unveils New Merchandising Tools for ‘Towels With Attitude’ Collection

PHOENIX — PHS International has released brand new merchandising materials made for its Towels With Attitude (TWA) collection, including floor racks, signage units and a plan-o-gram to accompany the line of personal “clean-up” items with a humorous twist.

Inspired by the need for quick clean-up following an intimate encounter, PHS developed TWA to appeal to both the gay and straight shopper demographic.

“We have carried these products for close to a decade but it was only about five years ago that we packaged and offered them for sale to the adult market,” PHS CEO Chuck Harnish said. “With their low price points and tongue-in-cheek humor, we’re confident that these new merchandising tools will only add to the collection’s appeal and enhance every retailer’s novelty department.”

TWA products feature cheeky terms including “Cum Rag,” “Heavy Load,” endearing monikers such as “Slut,” “Slave,” “Jizz” and “Queen,” and even the telltale post-coital phrases, “Again?” or “Go Home” all emblazoned using high-quality embroidery.

Each towel is made of 89 percent cotton and 11 percent polyester, measures 17 inches by 26 inches, and comes packaged rolled and poly bagged complete with a heavy-duty glossy cardboard header. PHS floor racks for the towels measure 60 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and feature 24 facings that hold 48 pieces,

For ordering information, or to set up a meeting with a PHS representative, email